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I was intent on taking a field research trip to Bhutan and eagerly anticipating it. I planned four remarkable weeks in Nepal and Bhutan exploring their perceptions of science and Western contemporary Vajrayana through embodied practices from a unique angle – their traditional origins in a trans-global context.

However, Nature had her own ideas. All my plans came to a screeching halt when flights cancelled worldwide due to Covid.

Recently, I received a call asking if I could get myself to Bhutan at the end of March 2022 for a month, the field research would be back on! Without hesitation, I said, “YES!!” and determined to go. Then I thought, why keep this experience to myself?

Have you ever wondered about the experience of retreat or trekking in Bhutan?

I decided what better way to share this than to offer up my living adventure to experience alongside me through my written “postcards home” – an exclusive blog I usually share only with my close friends and family.

Are you curious about Tibetan and Bhutanese cultures of yoga, and would love to learn some of the practices?

Then you’re in luck! I’m designing a course especially for you!

Are you deeply exploring Vajrayana and Tantra and would love an opportunity to attend a Q&A?


I will honour that curiosity by hosting an informative seminar on Zoom upon my return, where I will share my knowledge and experience, engaging with your questions.

Bhutan is a trip of a lifetime.

I would love to take all of you with me!

You can't ride in my backpack, so I have created these exclusive offers to give you a taste of the experience out of deep gratitude for your contributions and support.

Every contribution

provides you exclusive access to my travel blog detailing my lively in-the-field experiences as they happen in April 2022.

Offerings over $75

provide access to the blog PLUS the special yoga course on practices in the Vajrayana tradition. I will have fresh perspectives to share after visiting several masters and doing a 2-week retreat IN BHUTAN!

Gifts over $300

will receive the above gratitude boons and an additional zoom seminar detailing hidden gems gleaned on my trip, with live Q&A. (LIMITED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS)

The trip is approaching fast,

these offers are available for a short time only.

Once the Bhutanese government confirms my documents, I will be focused on preparing for the trip and remove this page.

Confirm your place now before the spots fill up!

Still undecided?

Access my main site below and explore. (You won’t lose this page)

BUT…don’t wait too long!